About Us

For the majority of his 15 years in the Cruise industry, Ian Brock served as Musical Director for Celebrity Cruise Line, the “grand finale” having been chosen as MD for the opening of all five of Celebrity Cruises brand new “Solstice Class” ships. Ian was active in the selection of entertainment onboard and his knowledge and experience is invaluable in selecting the most appropriate Musicians and Entertainers for the Cruise Lines and their Guests.

“IBE” is committed to producing the finest talent for the most appropriate position and processed with the most efficiency. In addition to the Cruise Industry, “IBE” provides Entertainment for venues such as Holiday Parks, Hotels, Weddings and Special Events , Private and Corporate.

“IBE” possesses a Modern attitude towards Entertainment. Focus is on Impact, Showmanship and the ability to Adapt to the Requirements of the Audience.

About working on a Cruise Ship (Musicians)

Prior to joining your ship, you will need to be “processed”. You will be visiting countries other than your native territory so Visas and various documentation may be required in addition to your Passport. We advise you on all aspects of any legal documentation, taking you through this process step by step and keeping it simple! As with any industry these days, Cruise lines require you to be medically fit to work so a Pre-Employment Medical is also required. Some Cruise Lines reimburse for this but many don’t. Again, we guide you through this process. Once these are in place, you are all set up for any future contracts with the Cruise Line. You should always be aware that everything is “Subject to Change” and in most cases, documentation is not presented more than 3 months prior to the start of your contract.

Once all documentation is in place, you will be ready to join your Ship! Your Flights to the Ship will be covered by the Cruise Line and if necessary, the cost of hotel accommodation if you have to fly the day before. Transfers to the ship are normally either provided or reimbursed.

Cruising is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today and is without doubt the most elegant and luxurious way of exploring the world, attracting guests accustomed to excellence. Cruising is a highly competitive business attracting only the finest of talents. As a Musician, you are a member of the ships “Staff” or “Crew” and will participate in Safety Drills and Safety Training. This is of the utmost importance and is taken extremely seriously for obvious reasons.

Cruise Ships travel literally all over the world and you have the opportunity to walk off the ship and go exploring! You must be aware that on many occasions, you will be stepping into “the unknown” so your vigilance is recommended. You will visit the most beautiful beaches in the world, see famous sights that you had only read about and have experiences that others can only dream of. You will cherish the memories for the rest of your life. This is what we Musicians call “pay-back” for all the years of practice it took to get us there!

After your “exhausting” day out, you will return to the ship for perhaps a rehearsal or your first gig of the evening. You may even have the day off! You may be hungry so you could find yourself with various dining options. There is always a “Mess” for the Officers, Staff and Crew to eat in. This is a convenient option if you have just returned from ashore. Other options may be to dine with the Guests/Passengers, in which case you would have to present yourself in smart clothing and be aware that Guests come first. For example, if there is a line at the buffet you either wait for the line to go down or quite simply, you leave and go somewhere else! Chances are, you could end up back in the Mess, all dressed up!

As far as “Public Areas” are concerned, Musicians are generally given access to most venues. It is not good to get too comfortable though i.e. Sitting on Bar Stools is forbidden and the consumption of alcohol must be in moderation! You may have access to the Spa and Gym and again, the Guests come first so always bear this in mind. Use of the Swimming Pools is generally forbidden. The Crew are generally well taken care of so you will find the facilities provided in Crew areas are more than enough to suit your needs and requirements.

There will be a Doctor and Nurses onboard to take care of any medical needs you may have. You will find a well equipped Medical Centre on every ship. Any Dental work or serious illnesses are normally referred shoreside.

Accommodation onboard any Cruise Ship is generally of compact design. You will have everything you need but it will just be closer to you! In most circumstances, you will share a Cabin with another Musician or in some cases, you may have your own Cabin. Wireless internet is available on most Cruise Ships and you will be able to make telephone calls.

You will find your purchases onboard the Ship are much cheaper than at home. There is no tax or duty on any items. Food, soft beverages, accommodation, medical needs etc.. are free so it is possible to survive without touching your salary. Many ships even provide bicycles for you to take out for the day so you can be mobile at zero cost!

DRESS: Most Cruise Lines have a strict dress code whilst you are present in their public areas. Pressed trousers/pants are a must. Smart/Casual is the code so No denims! All attire should be pressed and well presented at all times. A T-Shirt without collar would be unacceptable as would shorts and flip-flops! “If in doubt, don’t go out!”
On Stage, you should of course be smartly dressed and posses the “Showbiz look”. The dress code some evenings will be “Formal” so you will require a Tuxedo or long dress in addition to your normal performing attire. If you are a member of the Theatre Band, the minimum you will need is a black suit, black shirt, long black tie, bow tie, white shirt, coloured tie. You may wish to take more suits and shirts.

Cruise Lines employ many different nationalities and you will meet some very interesting people and make new friends. In short, it is a great way of life! Whether you are laying on a beach in Hawaii, walking on a Glacier in Alaska, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking over Sydney Harbour, standing among Penguins on the Falkland Islands or simply on the deck of a beautiful Cruise Ship looking out to Sea, always remember what got you there… Your Hard Work and Talent!… Oh, and “IBE”!!

Enjoy Yourself!