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For the majority of his 15 years in the Cruise industry, Ian Brock served as Musical Director for Celebrity Cruise Line, the “grand finale” having been selected as MD for the opening of all five of Celebrity Cruises brand new “Solstice Class” ships. Ian was active in the selection of entertainment onboard and his knowledge and experience is invaluable in selecting the most appropriate Musicians and Entertainers for the Cruise Lines and their Guests.

“IBE” is committed to producing the finest talent for the most appropriate position and processed with the utmost efficiency. We possesses a Modern attitude towards Entertainment with focus on Impact, Showmanship and the ability to Adapt to the Requirements of the Audience.

Ian Brock enters from Stage Right, with enthusiasm!

In addition to the Cruise Industry, “IBE” provides   Entertainment for venues such as Holiday Parks, Hotels, Weddings and Special Events,
Private and Corporate.

MUSIC HOUR for people with Learning Difficulties and/or suffering with DEMENTIA.
It has been proven Music has an enormous impact on the lives and wellbeing of Dementia sufferers including those with Learning Disabilities. Music really is the soundtrack of our lives and one song can take anyone back to a moment in time but just listening is not enough. There must be INTERACTION and that can only happen if the host has professional stage and performance experience and an ability motivate the audience. For that reason we only use Professional Musicians to host our MUSIC HOUR. It’s also essential to make regular visits to the same homes, so the musicians can build a relationship with the residents and get to know their names so they feel totally at ease and comfortable enough to let themselves go.

Here are just some of the ‘ingredients’ that make MUSIC HOUR:
*Available for groups of any size and mixed ages
*Live performance by a Professional Musician
*Percussion instruments provided for group
*Encouraged to play instruments along with track
*Perform Rhythms as a group
*Name That Tune
*Music Trivia
*Music from 1940s – Today!
*Name that Nursery Rhyme
*Live Music and Recorded Music

DEMENTIA is the loss of cognitive functioning. MUSIC HOUR encourages cognitive function. It can only help.

Almost 1 Million people in the UK suffer with Dementia and sadly there is no cure so there is a real need now for non-pharmaceutical solutions. Anything that can delay and reduce the impact has to be worth while and music has been shown to have a dramatic effect. Equally as important is simply having FUN and that is a need for every mind, of which there are over 7 Billion. If we keep minds active and healthy, the hope is we can reduce the chances of developing this terrible condition.

Enquire now on 07860 288565 or email: ianbrockentertainment@gmail.com

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