About Us

For the majority of his 15 years in the Cruise industry, Ian Brock served as Musical Director for Celebrity Cruise Line, the “grand finale” having been chosen as MD for the opening of all five of Celebrity Cruises brand new “Solstice Class” ships. Ian was active in the selection of entertainment onboard and his knowledge and experience is invaluable in selecting the most appropriate Musicians and Entertainers for the Cruise Lines and their Guests.

“IBE” is committed to producing the finest talent for the most appropriate position and processed with the utmost efficiency. We possesses a Modern attitude towards Entertainment with focus on Impact, Showmanship and the ability to Adapt to the Requirements of the Audience.

Ian Brock enters from Stage Right, with enthusiasm!

In addition to the Cruise Industry, “IBE” provides   Entertainment for venues such as Holiday Parks, Hotels, Weddings and Special Events,
Private and Corporate.

We are also passionate about helping and enhancing the lives of our seniors including those who have Dementia. Having read about and met people with this terrible disease, we have learned how powerful music is in delaying and reducing the impact of Dementia. Over the past year we have been providing musicians and tribute acts to Residential Homes all over the UK and our entertainers have injected happiness into lives that can be dark and lonely. My opinion is that Music may have added weeks, months or even years to their lives. We can’t prove that but their families have certainly noticed increased energy and lust for life in their loved ones. Music and Entertainment will always be
great medication!

Big Love
Ian 🎶