Daniel Kane


Energetic, Modern and Mind-Blowing!

Daniel began with magic at the age of 7, and has during the last 20+ years created his own unique style – KaneMagic. He mixes modern visual magic with classic magic, he adds comedy and music together with a great stage presence. These unique qualities means that Daniel is booked for all kind of events such as appearances onboard Cruise Ships, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Product Launches, Gala Dinners etc.

Daniel has a modern style that blends great magic with humor and music. One of his trademarks is his mask and bird act. He performs with one of the world’s largest parrots, a blue and gold macaw and a green winged macaw. These birds fly out over the audience and returns to his hands, and with a wing span of more than 4 feet it ́s truly spectacular. Daniel is also an accomplished sleight of hand performer, equally as good with a deck of cards as he is on stage handling large illusions.

Daniel will “WOW” any audience and be the topic of conversation for a long duration after the event… but not during! Just “WOW”!!