GEMMA LOUISE DOYLE (Singer/Entertainer)

“Headline singer entertainer, Gemma Louise Doyle, captivates all ages & nationalities worldwide.

Speaking six languages, this petite 5″2′ songstress fascinates audiences with astounding four octave vocals, subtle comedy & endearing stage presence. Gemma’s shows provide something for everyone, taking you on a spectacular musical journey of world favorite pop hits like you’ve never seen before! A versatile entertainer, Gemma also utilizes her talents as a song writer & recording artist. Putting her heart & soul into every performance, Gemma lives to entertain.

Today, Gemma is so happy doing what she loves the most, inspiring audiences across the globe. Life however was not always this way for Gemma Louise Doyle.

As a young high-school student, Gemma was diagnosed with a terminal illness. One night, on several occasions, The doctors called Gemma’s parents to say she would not make it through the night and she was given hours to live but her will to survive meant Gemma spent most of her teenage years in hospitals fighting for her life. It was during this time, Gemma discovered that her passion for singing could actually brighten people’s day, making them feel better.

Childhood visions of being on stage whilst bullied at school, tapes of singing since the beginning when she could talk, running up to sing in a huge mall at only 3 years old; everything made sense and came together like pieces of a puzzle.
As she recovered, Gemma finally began to step out onto the stage and perform. When this happened, Gemma discovered people seemed to change personality and come alive when she sang.
Gemma finally understood her purpose in life, to reach out and touch people with her voice.
When Joe Longthorne MBE says “Good Lord, Where On Earth did you find her!? I haven’t heard a voice like that in over 30 years!”, you know you’re doing it right!