The Sam Lewis band is a completely organic 3-piece rock, pop and soul outfit with a repertoire spanning 7 decades. If the naught(ies) were post 1999 then I guess we’re into the “onesies” now and let’s be honest; who doesn’t love a “onesie”? Anyway, they cover everything from Elvis and Buddy Holly to Pharell and Jessie J and everyone in-between!

The Sam Lewis Band prefer not to turn their act into a 4/5-piece as it really isn’t necessary, costs more and won’t sound as polished as the 3-piece. Just take a look at the videos. The only thing that is overdubbed in these are the guitar solos in ‘She’s Electric’ and The Kinks medley. They’ve no fancy backing tracks that they can hide behind so are 100% live!

Rest assured, if you book The Sam Lewis Band, you get the front man ‘Sam Lewis’ and a great rhythm section. The bassist and drummer may vary from time to time because everyone is a working musician but the picture you see of Sam will match the man that fronts the band at your party.

There is an impressive wealth of experience in the pool of musicians Sam uses from a drummer that has played for Andrew Lloyd Webber to a bassist that has played for Boyzone (a bit back in the day I know but still a difficult gig to get). Then there’s Sam who has supported Ed Sheeran and Noel Gallagher, played guitar for Disney and more recently been touring Scandinavia as a solo guitarist and vocalist. Between them, they have played for big artists, at festivals and in people’s front rooms!

Put simply, they bring their party to yours. Please check out the repertoire and get in touch with us to confirm your booking.